Man who shot fire rescue truck multiple times faces judge; driver pleads to keep him in jail

The driver of a Lauderhill Fire Rescue truck asked a judge to keep 41-year-old Jermaine Shennet behind bars.

“I watched this man not shoot at us once, [but] shoot at us multiple times,” said Kiely Selvanik. “I don’t know how you could give this man a bond and let him go back to the streets.”

She was behind the wheel of an ambulance last Friday when Shennet pulled out a pistol and opened fire as she and two other paramedics were responding to a medical emergency.

Surveillance footage showed Shennet dropping his bicycle to the ground and firing off several shots.

Police arrested Shennet the following Monday and charged him with aggravated assault on an emergency medical provider.

He was back in court Thursday to face an additional charge of possessing a firearm while being a convicted felon.

His alleged victims said releasing him would be a clear and present danger to the community.

“I don’t feel comfortable with him back on the street, and not only the citizens he lives around or the personnel that will protect him, if he ever needs help, will feel comfortable if he’s back on the street,” Selvanik said.

The judge set Shennet’s bond to $150,000.