Brothers linked to 3 separate crimes in different parts of South Florida

Graphic video exclusively obtained by 7News of a sidewalk stunner in Brickell, as a man was sent sliding across the cement after getting struck by a car.

Incredibly, the victim of that hit-and-run horror survived, and police later caught up with the driver.

Now, police have connected that driver to even more violent crimes.

The accused hit-and-run driver could be seen on recently released surveillance video for the first time.

“Leaving the scene of a crash, serious bodily injury, two counts,” said Judge Mindy S. Glazer.

Ameko Jacques appeared in court Monday charged with bolting from Brickell City Center the morning of Dec. 18 in footage obtained exclusively by 7News.

The victims survived and are out of the hospital recovering.

“The gray Dodge Durango was traveling westbound on Southeast Seventh Street from Brickell Avenue at a high rate of speed, racing with other vehicles and lost control of the vehicle and then struck both victims,” said Glazer.

Ian Edelman and Jason Greenfield, the victims, are in dental and medical school, respectively.

“We literally got run over by a large SUV from behind,” said Edelman in a phone interview.

Upon impact, one of the men was thrown several feet onto the sidewalk.

Seconds later, the wrecked Durango’s driver, who is said to be Jacques by prosecutors, got out of the vehicle. Then, he and others from the SUV that were said to have been racing, helped another out of the Durango, before they all hurried across the street, all while neglecting the wounded victims they left behind.

“Fled in a black Mercedes,” said Glazer.

Two months later, came another crime in Northwest Miami-Dade, which authorities said was linked to the crime in Brickell.

Some of the same men from the Brickell hit-and-run wounded up at Northwest 21st Court and 99th Street on Feb. 16 and were said to have ran on the streets with guns in hand, blasting nearly 100 shots at rivals, killing one.

“First-degree murder,” said Glazer said to Ahmad Jacques.

Ahmad Jacques is accused of being one of the killers.

“Probable cause for first-degree murder, no bond,” said Glazer to Kamard Jacques.

Ahmad and Kamard Jacques are brothers with the alleged Brickell hit-and-runner, Ameko Jacques, who is also tied to the Northwest Miami-Dade shooting, according to investigators.

Police also said, during broad daylight on the Palmetto expressway, fatal shots were fired March 16 in retaliation for what happened in Northwest Miami-Dade, a month earlier.

They killed a rapper known as Baby Cino, who’s real name was Timothy Starks.

Police said Starks was murdered as payback because he was also one of the gunmen in the Northwest Miami-Dade shooting.

The shootings have been tied to what sources call “back and forth gang-rap war,” with a hit-and-run they said involves three of the same offenders.

Records state that all three Jacques brothers remain in jail, alongside a man named Kevon Jinks, who has been tied to both crimes in Brickell and Northwest Miami-Dade.