14-year-old shot in Canada returns to Boston for treatment

BOSTON (CBS) – An Everett boy shot and wounded while on a family trip in Canada is now at Mass General Hospital. A MedFlight carrying 14-year-old Sandrick Jorcelin landed in Boston Thursday night.

It was an emotional send-off from his hospital in Canada. Sandrick was reunited with the police officer who cared for him during the most terrifying moments of his life.

That officer responded to the weekend shooting outside Montreal. Sandrick’s family had been driving away from an aunt’s birthday party when a drive-by shooter sprayed bullets at their car. Sandrick’s uncle was killed.

Even after an emergency surgery a bullet remained lodged in the boy’s body. His father said he had regained some sensation in his legs but is still unable to walk or stand.

Sandrick is supposed to graduate the 8th grade next month, a student of the Pioneer Charter School. He loves basketball and his Celtics. He’s already shown the strength he’ll need, in the recovery ahead.