Kauno Grudai

Poultry farm

  • Having long-standing traditions of poultry farming, poultry farms Vilniaus Paukstynas and Kaisiadoriu Paukstynas have their own parent flocks, eggs for hatching and day-old chicks. So both poultry farms use their own raw materials sand produce wide range of fresh meat, ready to cook and ready to eat products.
  • In terms of production volumes, Lithuanian poultry farms are the largest ones in the Baltic countries. Vilniaus and Kaisiadoriu poultry farms produce about 80,000 tons of chicken meat annually.

Businesses of poultry farming
Fresh meat business

  • Collect more than 60 million hatching eggs per year.
  • More than 48 million broiler chickens per year are hatched in poultry farms companies.
  • More than 46 million broiler chickens are raised in the poultry farms.
  • More than 6000 tons of fresh and frozen products are dispatched per month.

Semi – finished and finished chicken products business

  • The KG Group poultry farming companies produce about 1450 tons of various chicken products.
  • Vilnius poultry farm produces more than 1200 tonnes of semi-finished products per month.
  • In 2016 second quarter new Vilniaus paukstynas Further Processed Chicken Products (FPP) Plant will be opened: capacities 450 tones of chicken nuggets and 1200 tones of marinated products per month.



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Sales Director

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