About us

Who we are

AB Kauno Grūdai, Kaisiadoriu Paukstynas, Vilniaus Paukstynas have formed one of the largest, most modern and economically strongest business mergers in Lithuania, namely, the KG Group. Two main branches of food and nonfood products have formed 11 independent businesses with well-known private labels in Lithuania and abroad.

Our nonfood products consist of poultry farming, crop production, extruded feed, veterinary, raw materials, compound feed and premixes. We can offer our clients wide line of products based on their needs.


To ensure the best quality we use materials only from the internationally acknowledged suppliers, such as Basf, Evonik, Marveza, Noba, DSM and etc.

Quality of products is periodically tested by strictly local and international laboratories, such as Luca (Germany) and Eurofin (Germany) standards.

Our quality is acknowledged by certificates: ISO 22000, GMP B3+.


Kauno Grūdai is one of the biggest producers of compound feeds and premixes in Baltic States. Its monthly capacity is over 20,000 tons of combined feed and 500 tons of premixes. We have our international manufacture bases in Lithuania (“Kauno Grūdai”), Russia (“Vitomek”, premix production capacities – 34 000 tons per year), Belarus (“Belfidagro”, premix production capacities – 34 000 tons per year). Capacities of all our subsidiary companies seeks 84 600 tons per year.

Capacity of wholesale of raw materials reaches 17 000 tons per year (AGRO logistic service).


KG POLSKA (Poland), KG LATVIJA (Latvia), KG EESTI (Estonia) – our subsidiary companies can offer wide range of products and services and has a great potential to grow into well-known brands.

VET-MED (Latvia) is the leader of veterinary pharmaceutical market in Latvia of wholesale of veterinary products, feed and other products.